Soaring Hearts

When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a professional singer. People always assume dance is my first love, but really it has always been singing. I begin to realize that I also had a talent for dancing later on, so my singing sessions in my room turned into full on shows as I structured full… Continue reading Soaring Hearts


As of late, I have realized that I can be a preeeeetty complicated woman. Even with my complications, I strive for excellence in basically everything I do. If I could let you in on a little secret though, I dislike heavily that I am not perfect. (Hate would be a better word but I'm working… Continue reading Uprooting


It's 2:03 am on Sunday morning... and, technically a month since I graduated. Today, or yesterday rather, was quite a day.. I ministered in dance at my first conference, unofficially but officially kicking off my dance ministry under the name Selah Grace Ministries. The weeks leading up to this moment had\\ been sprinkled with fear,… Continue reading More.


Olive Brown

It was thirty minutes into the ceremony, and I had just been escorted onto the Coliseum floor amongst the other graduates. You damn right, I had made it just in time for my own graduation. Before I could realize how far I had actually come, I peeped over my shoulder to acknowledge every hinderance that stood in my way. I took the time to appreciate each hardship that had once sprouted, but they all seemed to appear unfamiliar. Unfamiliar, because I was no longer who I once was. I was no longer able to identify the mayhem that once caused internal havoc.

Upon landing on campus, I took the time to analyze what I had gotten myself into. I glanced down at my schedule, then cheerfully let my head oscillate to enjoy a versatile scenery. Alternatively, I had been hit with a lack of interest and a divergent demeanor. It…

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